The products and services portfolio is composed by information systems that covers the entire administrative and assistance spectrum of the various health agencies, from health providing entities (IPS), managing and providing entities of the Magisterium and territorial entities (departmental).






Our solutions are operating in various national entities, among which we highlight:

  • Avanzar FOSCAL (Santander, Arauca, Norte, Cesar, La Guajira)
  • ESE Hospital San Juan de Dios, Floridablanca (Level 2)
  • ESE GUANE Clinic (1st level)
  • Salud con Calidad IPS, 1st level of care, based in Barichara, Charala, Barbosa, Lebrija.
  • Physicians and Dentists of Ecopetrol
  • Health Secretary SANTANDER
  • Health Secretary GUAJIRA

Software solutions support the processes of missionary order, our company offers software leasing services using our server infrastructure.