MANAGEMENT HEALTH CLINICS, is a software technology solution, focused on organizations which provide health services. The solution MANAGEMENT HEALTH CLINICS, is made up of several fully integrated modules to ensure that the information entered from a functional point follows the path set by the model without retyping the data into other functional points that are part of the mission processes required of the institution of health, IPS, or ESE.

MANAGEMENT HEALTH CLINICS, is focused on health entities with hospital procedures, patients may enter by different functional units or by ER, by transfers from other entities, outpatient referrals, relocation to hospitalization and emergency or ICU. Clinical electronic history, HCE, is completely customizable according to the functional unit of income, the billing process is a result of the different activities and care procedures performed on patients, which are parameterized in the recruitment module, which allows monitoring and validation services in the provision of health services cycle within the IPS. As the orders and services are generated and loaded is registered automatically in the Electronic Health Record.





The system counts with processes that enable the registration and control of each contract signed with particular insurer or with the features and business rules to meet individual patients, processes allowing control in the delivery of the service, identifying those aspects that according to the provisions included within the value of the invoice or charged separately.

In the parameterized modules it can be configured the business rules so that the system is responsible for governing its operation according to the policies established by the ESE and/or Clinic.

Applying all defined procedural schemes through the system, it ensures virtually the disappearance or at least a dramatic decline of the glosses in the manager entities accounts.

The implementation time depends on the level of the organization and fulfillment of the commitments with the customers. Experience in the implementation of the product has enabled quantification between one and three months of implementation, it is a factor that depends on the degree of complexity of the IPS and formalism in the execution of administrative business processes that are supported by modules like contracts and invoicing, and assistance processes (such as emergency, ambulatory consultation, specialized consultation, hospitalization, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, etc.).

The information system is composed by different modules that enable IPS real-time operation of every care processes, it counts with the following modules: contracting, billing, medical agenda, appointments, portfolio, which can be integrated into the entity accounting system through electronic interfaces entirely online.

The information recording processes are performed in real time, ensuring decision making from the business data registration. The solution modules can be operated from a Local Area Network (LAN) or from remote attention centers, which may be connected through different types of public links, private or Internet network.