The Code of Ethics and Conduct at Data Tools S.A. It is created in order to establish the guidelines, principles and values ​​that govern all relationships of Data Tools S.A., aiming for transparency, objectivity and influence on the ethical behavior of its employees, business partners and all interest groups.






DATA TOOLS is a company that tends to maintain an activity adjusted to the applicable legal framework. This is how it reflects its commitment to best business practices, transparency, ethics and respect for compliance with regulations. Our behavior is framed in a Transparency and Business Ethics Program, through which we seek to prevent and control conduct that is contrary to ethics and the law, we tend to totally reject the commission of any illegal, criminal or contrary to ethics based on the culture of "No Tolerance".

This Channel is an independent service, to guarantee the highest level of confidentiality.

The data that you provide will only serve to allow and facilitate communication regarding the status of the Complaint or Query and to manage it in accordance with the procedures that are part of the Anti-corruption program. The report may be sent anonymously through:






Business Code of Ethics